Help your baby fall in love with books

We spent this morning reading our new books from @bookroo_love. James had so much fun opening the package and helping me unwrap the books. As a speech therapist, it has always been my goal to get James interested in books. Studies have shown clear benefits for language and cognitive development in babies who have been read to. Research also has shown its never to early to read to your baby!

Reading is such an amazing activity. It helps you bond with your baby, it prepares them for reading later on, and it supports their speech and language development by exposing them to new vocabulary, emotions and visual stimuli.

With Bookroo it’s so easy to get new amazing books delivered right to your door. It’s like opening a new present every month. Bookroo is a monthly subscription of children’s books. It helps kids fall in love with reading by combining the excitement of opening a gift with the discovery of a new, treasured book. Every month you receive 2-3 new books that are carefully selected. If you want your little one to love books or if you know anyone pregnant or are going to a baby’s birthday, this would make a wonderful gift.

  1. Pick the right time: when baby is not too tired or overly active – baby should be alert; try different times during the day to see which ones work best for him/her
  2. Pick the right book: for little ones under 6 months, minimal text or no text and colorful pages are the best; for babies 7 to 12 months, you can choose books that have minimal text that includes everyday words
  3. Make it interactive: read at a slow pace with a big variety in your intonation, volume and pitch – bring out all your sound effects and make it a blockbuster story using your whole body
  4. Point to the pictures, rephrase any important lines, and act out parts of the story
  5. Don’t worry about not finishing the book – babies have very short attention spans
  6. Move around – read one book sitting in the chair, read the next book on the ground or on the couch
  7. Visit the library regularly – many libraries have free story time (it’s very interactive and fun for babies)

Hope these tips were helpful. If you would like to help your baby enjoy reading start by ordering some books with @bookaroo_love.

Get 15% off your order with code OCMOM.

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