Cozy It Up – Decor For The Fireplace

Oh my gosh I cannot believe the holidays are almost here! I love decorating and so yesterday I started with the fireplace. One of the reasons I began here is because my dear son would not stop crawling to the fireplace doors and attempting to open them (successfully I must add). So I had to figure something out to make it safer for him in the living room.

I placed a big blanket over the stone surrounding the fireplace and covered the bottom part of the fireplace doors – after tying down the handles. Next I purchased two fluffy white and grey faux fur blankets to place over the padded blanket. Now it was time to decorate it.

I added several pillows on top to add to the cozy look. I bought a white lantern and white pumpkin to put on the sides. Finally, I placed string lights over the entire area – this was the cherry on top. Hello holidays!

I’m so happy on how this turned out. Now I cannot stop sitting by the fireplace and planning my next decor adventure. I think the dining area is next.

I linked all the decor items below!

Fur Pillows

Faux Fur Pillows

Plush Throw

Plush Throw in Grey

Beaded “Joy” pillow in red

Beaded “Joy” pillow in white

White Pumpkin

White Pumpkin “Blessed”

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