Postpartum Essentials Every Mom Needs

Giving birth and finally meeting your sweet baby boy or baby girl is truly magical and the most beautiful feeling ever. Everyone prepares for their new baby by packing their hospital bag, getting the nursery ready, buying all the baby essentials but rarely do we talk about the not so magical and glamorous part: postpartum. Well this part is not pretty but very important. So let’s get to it! @heymamas18 and I will be sharing our ultimate postpartum essentials checklist.

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1) Sitz Bath – Ok, recovering from vaginal labor is no joke. Especially if you had stitches, your little friend hurts and needs special care. A sitz bath can be very comforting. Submerging in the water can truly relieve the pain. It boosts blood flow and speeds up the healing time. It also helps the cleaning process while you cannot use soap. Another benefit is that you get 20 minutes twice a day to yourself where no one can bother you 🙌

2) Peri bottle – Here we go another new tool you need in the bathroom. Urinating after giving birth stings, so using a peri bottle is super helpful. It can receive pain during urination if you use warm water by rinsing your perineum. It makes cleaning down there much easier too.

3) Stool Softeners – Following labor, especially if you had stitches, going #2 for the first time can be terrifying. Stool softeners help you decrease some of the pain and fear.

4) Tucks wipes – Say hello to your new best friend Which Hazel. After labor, you’ll most likely experience uncomfortable swelling, pain, and itching in the perineum area. Tucks wipes which contain witch hazel can help with both comment issues: the swelling and itching of the perineum and hemorrhoids.

5) Ice packs – Another way to soothe your lady parts is by using ice packs. The hospital provides amazing long icepacks so when you checkup, be sure to ask for extras. If you run out, you can order them online as well.

6) Adult diapers or pads –  The average postpartum bleeding typically lasts about two or three weeks postpartum. You can use pads or adult diapers. I preferred adult diapers the at the beginning. Especially overnight it was more comfortable.

7) Grammy Undies – While you are sore down there, you definitely want to wear some big and loose underwear.  Say bye-bye to your sexy and cute lace thongs and cheeky briefs. Comfortable and stretchy underwear is a must during recovery.

8) Nipple cream – If you are nursing, nipple cream is a must. Breastfeeding is an amazing experience but it can also be painful for many mamas. The frequent sucking can leave nipples feeling raw and chapped. So load up on nipple cream and use it regularly (safe ones for baby of course).

9) Nursing tops – Another essential if you are nursing is a nursing top. If you are like me, you don’t wanna be wearing a bra at home. I was LIVING in a nursing top for the first few months. It is so quick and easy to feed your baby without having to go through two or more layers.

10) Nursing Pads – At the beginning, your breasts are still adjusting to the amount of milk you are producing. Especially when you are engorged, you’re milk will be leaking so have nursing pads ready at all times. I was wearing my nursing tops and changed my pads 2-3 times a day.

11) Comfy Pants and Robe – After delivery, your body is still recovering from the pregnancy so you are not back to you’re pre-pregnancy tummy right away. Therefore, get yourself some loose and comfy pants to wear at home (with enough room for an adult diaper). If you are nursing, a robe is essential. You don’t wanna be taking off your sweater or open the side if you have a nursing top each time you need to nurse. A robe is so practical during breastfeeding.

12) Post pardum Leggings – When you are ready to get out of the house the first time, wear some leggings. I found these awesome postpartum leggings that have a belly support band and were very stretchy.

13) Belly bandit Wrap – A lot of moms I know swear by this product. According to its description, the adjustable, form-fitting belly wrap is designed to hug your post-pregnancy tummy and help you feel comfortable and secure for up to eight weeks after giving birth.

14) Vitamins – Consult with your healthcare provider but typically it is recommended to continue taking your prenatal vitamin postpartum and while you continue to nurse.

15) Ibuprofen – This is probably one of the most important essentials! Ibuprofen is really you’re best friend during recovery. Yes, it hurts giving birth, but recovery also hurts. No, there is no epidural afterwards 😦

16) TV Shows – While you are nursing/bottle feeding or finally relaxing while baby sleeps and you finished the never-ending laundry/dishes, watch some fun TV Shows. One of my favorites was “The Let Down”. I wasn’t sure if I should be crying or laughing. It truly portrayed motherhood sooooo well.

17) Water-jug or cup with straw  – For those times when you are nursing/bottle feeding, you will be thirsty and have your hands full. A cup or bottle with a straw is very convenient. 

18) Snacks – Last, but not least you NEED snacks. Especially if you are nursing. When you are breastfeeding you can burn between 200-500 calories a day, so you need lots of snacks and water. I loved having granola bars and oatmeal cookies ready.

Hope you found this list helpful!

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