James’ Winter ONEderland

I cannot believe this day has come and I am actually writing a blog post on James’ first birthday party (I’ll be right back after I cry it out).

As many of you know, I was so excited about the Winter ONEderland theme that I started planning his birthday about 8 months in advance 😂. Yes, crazy type A mom here. I started with the venue search. We looked at a few country clubs until we finally found Aliso Viejo Country Club. We love the room and the gorgeous view. But mainly the selling point was their affordable lunch buffet options and the large space that I could d2ecorate.

Next I was onto the decorations. I wanted it feel like a winter wonderland with lots of white, silver and blue tones. It was so much fun shopping for decorations. I mostly got everything on Amazon, HomeGoods and Michaels.

To add to the winter feel, I bought several fluffy white blankets to make it look like snow and I bough actual snow sheets from Michaels. Additionally, we already had white birch trees that night up that added to the theme as well.

The cake was from Heidelberg Pastry Shop. It was one of the best cakes I have ever had. They are such an amazing bakery. They offered free samples to pick the flavor and all of them were delicious. We ended up going with chocolate cake with chocolate mouse filling and white cake with bavarian cream filling with fresh strawberries. I would highly recommend them for anyone in the OC area: Here is a link to the bakery.
I got this beautiful custom made cake topper from Amazon.

I also made a small candy buffet. I bought a variety of white and blue candy on amazon and at ralphs.


We got some custom cookies from The Frosted Frog Cookie Co. My friend Jennifer does an incredible job making the most beautiful and tasty cookies. They were just stunning and exactly what I had envisioned.  Here is a link to her page. 
I got several big cookies to display and mini cookies wrapped to give away as favors. I also bough some wind-up toys that I put into blue gift bags as additional favors for the little ones.

Our flower center pieces were from Chikis Flowers. They were the most affordable we could find in OC and they turned out beautifully. When I messages them, I told them what I envisioned and send them sample photos. They did not disappoint. Here is a link to Chikis Flowers.

To make it easier for the parents, we did a little gated play area for the babies. We also brought a ball pit and tunnel and roller coaster ride on. They were all a hit. We also had a little baby snack station with cups of puffs, apple sauce and baby pouches. Below are links to these items:
We used two of these gates.
I found this Roller Coaster Ride On Used On The Facebook Marketplace
Ball Pit And Balls

Now on to the outfit. I asked guests to wear white to join the winter wonderland theme. I got James this adorable shirt “Mr. ONEderful” and these white and blue striped pants.

James1stBirthday-1556I wore this beautiful white dress and these cute snow flake earrings.

If you are planning a winter ONEderland party and have any questions, feel free to message me. I can send you links to most items I purchased.

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