Baby Jogger® City Mini® 2 Review


We are so excited for our new #sponsored @babyJogger city mini 2 stroller. We went out to brunch today and it was so easy to take this 3-wheel stroller which is lightweight, compact, and super easy to maneuver. It is perfect for everyday errands or out-and-about exploring with my little one. The design and color is simply beautiful.

And it’s so easy to fold by just lifting a strap with one hand. See this video how easy it is. And it did not take much room in my car trunk! Perfect.

Additionally, this stroller has an adjustable calf support and near flat seat recline. This is our third stroller and with my previous strollers I always complained about it not reclining low enough or not having any calf support. It’s very convenient that you can find the most comfortable position for your child and let him/her recline almost all the way down in the city mini 2.

It also has an extra-large storage basket that can fit toys, snacks, your purse and any other items you may need on the go.
With summer approaching, I love that my little one is protected from the sun with the full coverage UV50 canopy. The canopy has amazing coverage compared to other strollers I’ve tried out. Plus, the peekaboo window keeps him shaded and I can still keep an eye on him.

Lastly, for all Disney goers, this stroller meets their requirements which is a huge plus.
Overall, this is an amazing stroller that I would highly recommend to anyone . My most favorite part I would say is the super smooth ride. It’s unlike any other stroller I’ve tried.

Thank you so much to @babyjogger for sponsoring this post. As always, the thoughts and opinions are all of my own.

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