Mermaid Hair Tutorial – Curling and Volume for Fine Hair with L’Ange


img_3048.jpgI’ve been getting so many comments and questions on my “mermaid” hair. So I finally decided to do a tutorial on how I curl my hair.

First of all, I have very fine hair and no volume whatsoever. The first step is always washing my hair and using a volume mouse or root booster. I’ve been really liking the L’Ange root booster. You apply it to the roots and blend it all in. Next I apply a heat protectant spray to make sure my hair doesn’t get damaged. Once my hair is dry( I usually blow dry it or let it air dry if I’m not in a rush), I part it in very thin pieces. I start with the bottom layer and curl my hair using very small strands of hair. Always curl away from your face. I hold it for a few seconds until the hair feels warm. I let go on the hair curled and twist it so it keeps the curl.

I go through layer by layer until I’m done with all my hair. Next, I part my hair to put in my hair extensions in. I have two different sets. When I don’t have much time, I use the 20 inch halo hair extensions I got on amazon. It’s a great piece and it was much more affordable than the real halo hair extensions. I also use a set of clip-in hair extensions when I want to style my hair up or want extra volume.

I usually curl my hair extensions the night before so I don’t have to rush. I either place it on a hook for the halo or clip the clip-in hair extensions to a towel.

After I curl the extensions, I part my hair and put them on. The next step is crucial for the volume look. I tease my hair starting from the lowest layer. Make sure when you tease your hair, you brush it after and set it so it all blends together and there are no bumps.

Last I curl any stands that need more curling and you’re done! This usually doesn’t take me more than 30-40 minutes.

Watch my quick video tutorial here:

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