Cal Elite Kids

Starting around 4 months, I started taking James to Cal Elite Kids for baby gymnastics and swimming. It’s such a great way to get out, bond with the baby, have a scheduled activity and meet other moms with babies.

This facility is located in Rancho Santa Margarita and offers a variety of classes for children of different ages.

James was always a pretty active and spirited baby so he needed lots and lots of stimulation. It was pretty exhausting trying to entertain him all day at home. Having a scheduled activity every week was so nice. It also made me occasionally get out of my pjs, brush my hair and apply some make up.

The first class we ever took was “Sweet Peas”. It’s a baby gymnastics class. No, they don’t actually do gymnastics. It’s a cute class that usually starts with a song and play with toys, followed by stretches and then a variety of motor development activities.


Around 5 months we started the “Little Dippers” swim class. Oh boy was I nervous. But, James had such a great time. It was the first time I saw him smile for a full thirty-minute period and not fuss once. He is truly a water baby.

Like the baby gymnastics class, this class starts with a circle time song and is then followed by some kicking feet practice. Babies are encouraged to kick their feet while moms float them forward through the water. Then, we practice floating on the back. Each Mom gets low in the water and positions the baby on her neck/shoulder and encourage the baby to stay super still and just float on his / her back. Now the more difficult part of class is teaching babies to reach and grab onto the wall and pull themselves up (with mom’s help of course). Next, the babies get to play with water toys, and do tummy time on a floaty next to the other babies. Lastly, the class concludes with another circle time song.

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